• kru [ kroo ] N — A contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant and bar in Sacramento, CA.
  • cru [ kroo, krY ] Adj. — (French) Uncooked.
  • crew [ kroo ] N — (English) A group of people bonded together by trust and a common style or goal.

Kru seeks to interpret the guest’s intent, palate, mood and occasion through our technique and passion. Plates and glass our vehicles, we honor our ingredients through contemporary Japanese cuisine, Barmanship and Omakase. Kru delivers our product by way of single-hearted, two-way engagement and hospitality-Omotenashi. The customer is part of our crew who is of one goal — to share in a culinary experience that pushes the envelope of imagination and possibility.


Billy Ngo

Chef Billy Ngo is the Founder, Chef and Partner of Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine, Fish Face Poke Bar, Healthy Hounds Kitchen and Kodaiko Ramen and Bar in Sacramento, CA. Throughout his career, Billy has become known for his use of the best ingredients and flavor, and his commitment to increasing sustainability in his menu.

Billy was born in a refugee camp in Hong Kong and moved to Sacramento when he was 8 months old. Chef Ngo’s culinary career began at Fuji’s in Sacramento. A graduate from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, Chef Ngo worked at some of the most prominent sushi restaurants in Sacramento prior to opening Kru in 2005.

Billy has been a featured Chef at Pebble Beach Food & Wine and Los Angeles Food & Wine and has made several television appearances on popular culinary shows including Glutton for Punishment, Man Fire Food, Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped.